CNBC: Jenette on her strange success

Press Videos

CNBC Interviews Jenette in the wake of her 7th year anniversary as an entrepreneur. Read the full interview here.

“The ‘bra lady’ concept faded with the rise of department stores.”

“She turned to her husband, artist Aaron Noble, to complain: ‘Why doesn’t someone open a store like this?’ He replied, ‘Why don’t WE do it?'”

“Seven years later, Jenette Bras has three locations, and the company is on track to do $1.7 million ...continued

Outfit of the Week

Our inimitable Miss Jessica is casually intriguing in a little black dress. Bold buckles, square frames, cropped hair softened with Mom’s favorite turquoise earrings.  Comfy shoes by Simple support the surprise star of the outfit: ankle-warmers crafted from repurposed fabrics by Jessica herself, back in her time working in the chilly Forever 21 display warehouse.

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