Pure Wow: Chest Friends


“This is the second Jenette Bras location (the first is in East Hollywood)–proof that in every economy (and blouse), there’s room for a little expansion.”

Pure Wow had some nice things to say about our Pasadena store in this article.

LA Times: Jenette Bras & Glamour Gowns

Events Press

“Each girl was paired with a personal shopper who helped them pick out a dress and took them around to different stations where they could get shoes from Chinese Laundry, bras from Jenette Bras, and hit up tables lined with jewelry and evening bags.”

“This cause is close to our hearts, literally! They all have prom horror stories involving the impossible search for a workable strapless bra above a D cup. Jenette Bras aims to provide not only the bra for the day, but also some ...continued

LA Times covers our ‘retail theater’ event

Events Press

“The Los Feliz shop, which caters to full-cup ladies (D-cups and up), is celebrating the arrival of avant-garde designer Marlies Dekkers’ collection in the store with a presentation called “Strapping Lasses” — a multimedia fashion show featuring dancers dressed in the label’s cheeky, strap-heavy lingerie looks.”

Emili Vesilind of the LA Times talks a little about the performance piece choreographed by Rosanna Gamson, who’s created original works presented ...continued

The Lingerie Addict Reveals What to Look for in a Bra


The Lingerie Addict, Cora Harrington, has you covered-or should we say…supported! From seams to cup sizes and changes in your body, she has all the answers to finding the perfect fitting bra here.

“…the brassiere is the most complex piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Along with shoes, bras require more skilled handwork than any other item of apparel.”

“…if you’ve got the goods, yes, it will take a little more smarts, effort and cash than is asked of our ...continued

Jenette’s Free-Wheeling interview with HEEB


Get a look into how Jenette Goldstein went from kicking butt as an actor to… kicking busts? Well, anyway, Jenette pulls no punches in this one.

“I became fascinated with how I, a movie actress in Los Angeles for Chrissakes, could arrive at middle age still wearing crappy bras not even close to my right size – 30G, in case you’re interested. I’m overdeveloped and underserved, man.”

Read the full interview here.

LA Weekly: Size Matters at Jenette Bras

Jenette Goldstein and model with her wondrous bra.

Gendy Alimurung dives into the folkways of the busty in this article for LA Weekly

“It’s tough not to have boobs on the brain when you have a giggling five-year-old running around the store wearing her mother’s bra as a hat… Or when the Orthodox Jewish woman, covered wrist to ankles, puts on a low-cut sports bra, and Goldstein’s sales clerk says, “You could even wear this one out as a shirt.” Without missing a beat, the Orthodox woman looks in the mirror and says, “Not ...continued