Underwire: September 2020 Fashion vs Fascism

There are certainly days, these days, when I come up for air, look at the state of the nation, and think—“bras, bras, lacy panties, waist cinchers, garters and bras… really? Does my life have a meaningful shape? Or only my torso?” But then I tell myself, “Hush, Jenette. Your profession is a worthy one.”
I’ve told this story before about one of our lingerie vendors, Andrés Sardá, but it bears repeating. It was in March of 1962 when photographs of Jackie Kennedy ...continued

Underwire: August 2020 The Emperor’s New Bra-Hucksters

A little over a year ago I got an email from one of the rash of online-bra startups. They were in Los Angeles to do a pop-up at a women’s expo, and were looking to borrow a couple of bra-fitters. They had one fitter in-house, they said, and added, in the excitable way of these companies, “we call her our Fit Therapist™ because she makes the experience so special!” In an appended paragraph about the company she informed me (me!) that, thanks to their nascent on-line ...continued

Underwire: July 2020

I’ve been thinking about my Black clients recently (I don’t know why, just popped into my head for some reason). I have a normal White amount of connection to Black folks, I suppose, in my capacities as an actor, as a businesswoman, as a loudmouthed liberal city-dweller. Nothing special there, but what is maybe a little bit interesting is how my business as a bra-fitter has not only got me intimately engaged with the bodies of women, but significantly of Black women. It’s ...continued

Underwire: June 2020

A week ago Sunday I was deeply moved, along with many of you I’m sure, by the New York Times front page. One thousand American names—1% of the COVID death toll to date—each followed by one short phrase extracted from their obituary. One short note to stand in for the fullness of a life: “Moved antiques for more than 25 years.” “Family jokester.” “Mentored by the computer science pioneer Grace Hopper.” “Always busy looking out for others.” “Member of the ...continued

Underwire: May 2020

Well, hey y’all! Still here in Atlanta where I just returned from getting a corset lace back tattoo and a foot massage before I head out to get my nails done and bowl a few frames. …Um, NOT.

As of this writing, most of Atlanta seems to be following the lead of Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and staying put, or as a viral Tweet put it:
Georgia: “Daddy said we can go outside and play!”
Atlanta: “What yo Mama say?”

As ...continued

Underwire: April 2020 Like a House of Cards

Aww…cats and dogs who are friends!…those guys with toilet paper headdresses, that’s hilarious...how many tigers are optimal for husband disposal actually?…oh, babies trying foreign baby food!…oop, what—
Oh, HEY! Sorry—I wasn’t expecting anyone to open this email. No, hey, no, come in, it’s fine. I mean, welcome! Excuse the mess, let me just move this… sit, sit. Sorry about the—we were trying to fill out these loan applica—how are ...continued

Underwire Special Edition: YIKES!

I created Jenette Bras because I couldn’t imagine a world where everyone stayed at home, shopped on their computer, never felt the silk and lace with their fingers, never laughed with their friends or hugged their bra fitter at the end of their session. What would that world possibly be like? Well, as someone said on Twitter, this episode of Black Mirror sucks.

Thank you to everyone who’s visited a store, asked us questions, participated in our Through the Mail Sale, bought a gift certificate, ...continued

Underwire: March 2020

Burbank Jenette Bras Blue Hour Hour

Burbank has finally opened and we are overjoyed! The response from our Valley clients and Burbank locals just popping in to say “welcome!” has made the struggle (nearly) a dim memory. Now on to Atlanta, where, if the pieces fall into place, we will be opening store five on March 8th.

Why Atlanta, you may ask? Well, it seemed like a good idea when we were eating delicious biscuits and chatting up the locals in Cabbagetown on our first scouting foray ...continued

Underwire: February 2020 Launch of the Underwire!

Greetings to my JB gals, and welcome to the launch of our monthly newsletter. If you are followers of our Instagrams (and I hope you are!) you might have noticed the new hashtag #brickandmartyr as we struggle to complete two stores at the same time on opposite sides of the country. Be careful for what you wish for, indeed.

Our commitment to opening brick and mortar storefronts has brought with it a host of challenges, but it also puts us where we want to ...continued