Meet our Managers!

As many of you know, we are a family-run company: my husband designs the stores and oversees all building and branding, edits the final draft of all copy and placement of each chair (oh, you think I’m kidding?) and I’m CEO and Head of Marketing.

We have grown organically, without investors, by investing the profits back into the business and into our people. We cross-train everyone across all departments, giving each employee the opportunity to master new tasks and develop a deeper understanding of our business and of business in general. At times, different stores have been run by staff alone, without a manager. This has helped us immensely in a very turbulent period, but it’s not optimal, especially with the attention of ownership divided among an ever-increasing number of shops.

At the start of 2021 we knew we had to seriously look at what it meant to be a Store Manager at Jenette Bras and develop a Manager Training Program for those interested in applying. Former Westside Manager and now Head of People Miss Sasha took the lead on this essential company upgrade. Managing is hard. Our managers have to have mastered all the bra-fitting skills: brand knowledge, fitting method and culture. She has to understand the math that keeps the doors open and the lights on, and she must communicate effectively with her team, the clients, and the owners. When the owners say, “this is where we’re going and why,” she finds the best path, enlists the right people, and knows which tools make the most sense, all whilst keeping her eye on the bottom line.

We are excited to introduce to you our Store Managers, starting with the Los Angeles team and ending in Decatur, Georgia:

Miss Piers, Westside Store Manager. “I started out working in a small fast-fashion boutique, moved to a wine store as their buyer, next the Dollar Tree for a lil dose of hell, and a kids party place as their all-around manager. Learned a LOT from everywhere I worked! I’ve been collecting lingerie for a long time, so I’d been waiting on an opportunity to apply for JB. I spend most of my time away from work cocooned up at home with my books, my pup, and the army of plants (and I guess my cat and boyfriend who live there too). Massive fan of horror (books & movies), RPGames, and days off.”

Miss Jennii, Pasadena Store Manager. “I have a Master’s of Science in Information, specializing in Archives & Records Management. After 10+ years in libraries and 8 years as a Manuscripts Curator at The Huntington Library, I took some time off to explore opening a bakery (nope), manage the family (husband Matthew runs a fintech start-up, daughters Adelaide & Wednesday are now 12 & 9), volunteer a ton, and ran the Junior League of Pasadena for a bit. I went back to archiving at ArtCenter, decided organizing papers was no longer my jam. I am a longtime customer and have always joked that I’d just work retail if I could still pay the rent — and here I am!” 
Miss Izzy, Eastside Store Manager. “I moved to America from England when I was 21 and I’ve never looked back! I was originally working at a ski resort in Colorado, and when the ski season was over I packed all my belongings into a rental car and drove to LA for a job interview managing a restaurant. (I got the job!) I’ve been swing dancing for about 10 years now so moving to LA was a dream come true for me! I sew a lot of my own clothes to dance and now work in, like this crazy romper. I’m also trying to get better at hiking, my boyfriend and I eventually want to through-hike the Grand Canyon! I’m nowhere near ready but a girl can dream…”
Miss Marlene, Burbank Store Manager (pronounced as in, Marlene Dietrich). “Out of high school I moved to LA to make my fortune in improv and sketch comedy and landed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Well, comedy doesn’t pay, but managing the theatre did so I spent 12 years as a theatre manager and admin. I saw lots of bad improv shows and even kicked Andy Dick out. Early in that 12 years I met my husband, got married, and had 2 little girls who are now 6 and 8. When I’m not a schlepping children I love trivia, board games, and buying repro vintage clothes. It’s lovely to come home and feel like you made someone’s day.”

Miss Amorette, Atlanta Store Manager. “I’ve loved all things lingerie for many many years and have experience working in an NYC lingerie shop. I am a New York native who has lived in Atlanta for more than half my life and am a great mix of both worlds: direct and honest as well as kind and welcoming. I love being creative, whether dabbling in photography or creating new recipes, as well as enjoy being outdoors hiking, biking, or kayaking. Aside from lingerie I am passionate about animals and have a tiny Chihuahua — who is cool because he doesn’t act like a typical Chihuahua!”