Something we never thought we’d say: it’s time to flatten the curve

I created Jenette Bras because I couldn’t imagine a world where everyone stayed at home, shopped on their computer, never felt the silk and lace with their fingers, never laughed with their friends or hugged their bra fitter at the end of their session. What would that world possibly be like? Well, as someone said on Twitter, this episode of Black Mirror sucks.

Thank you to everyone who’s visited a store, asked us questions, participated in our Through the Mail Sale, bought a gift certificate, dropped a comment on our Instagram, or anything to be part of our community this week. Like you, we’re watching the events of this pandemic unfold and making constant adjustments. If you’ve been following us you know that we just achieved victory in a two-year struggle to expand to new stores in Burbank and, just a week ago, Atlanta. Both stores opened strong to joyful crowds. As they say, man plans and G-d laughs.

With heavy hearts, we have decided it’s best for our staff and community to help flatten the infection curve and close our doors to the public for the time being. We are actively taking orders via phone, email, and Instagram DM. Read on to learn more.

Double D Mail Sale: Save 15% and Free Shipping

If you’re an existing client (that is, you have a fitting and purchase history with us), you can take advantage of our Double D Mail Sale: Order bras, swimwear, panties, kinkwear, loungewear—anything!—via email, calling the original Melrose Avenue store at (323) 665-7490, or sending us a Direct Message, and get 15% off, plus free shipping. It’s easy. We’ve got wonderful fitters ready to process orders and send packages your way. If your item doesn’t fit, don’t fret—returns can be made within 10 days if the tags are still on.

Gift Certificates: Also a 15% Bonus

Hands down, the simplest way to support your friendly neighborhood bra shop (that’s us!) in these uncertain times is to buy a gift certificate online. You’ll automatically get a 15% bonus added to the amount you spend, as a thank you for your support.

Don’t be a Stranger!

Call our Eastside store at (323) 665-7490, send us a virtual hug, slide into our DMs on Instagram: @JenetteBras_LA, @JenetteBras_ATL, and me personally @realJenetteGoldstein, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook—if you’ve got questions, our team of expert bra fitters is ready with the answers. We’ll walk you through things via email, send you videos, or even create an Instagram post or two if lots of people are asking the same questions.

I’m really glad that I launched the Underwire a couple of months ago, because it has given me the opportunity to talk to you on a deeper level. Timing is everything, eh? And what a time this is. We’re all in this together, and I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

xo Jenette