Underwire: June 2021 Mom’s Gone Viral

“Amazing, joyful, unbelievable”
“…had me going into a Wikipedia spiral at 7am”
“What in the world?”
“This has layers”
“If you come at the (bra) queen, you best not miss.”

Whee! Twitter is fun! I haven’t had notices like this since the ‘80s. If you’ve an hour or so for rabbit-hole exploration, please feel free to click on this tweet from the very funny Josh Frulinger. Otherwise you can just jump to my summary below.

So this is what happened (SPOILERS): As you may or may not know, I have a hate/hate relationship with Yelp. This is irrational, I know, since our reviews are generally very positive. The problem is I take bad reviews very personally, and when I think they are unfair I will ignore Yelp’s advice and explain to the reviewer exactly what is wrong with her perception of reality. 

About a year ago, as we were coping with the early blows of the pandemic, I was horrified to see that a writer I admired had left us a one-star review. That’s as low as you can go–they won’t let you leave zero stars. As it happened, I had recently read one of her books, and may have even acted on certain drug-related advice therein. Allegedly. So, armed with more info than usual, I posted a response that I definitely thought would get her attention.

Sadly, nothing happened. Her review, and my response, just sat there on the Yelp platform, gradually disappearing under newer reviews, and we all went on with our lives. Until Tuesday, when Josh’s wife came across the exchange and Josh posted it on Twitter.

Two things happened simultaneously. My husband got an alert on his phone and (literally) yelped: “Ayelet responded!”, and my phone beeped with a text from my son containing the link to Josh’s tweet. He later told me when he saw the Tweet he immediately blurted out “Please don’t be Jenette.” But it was, and now our Yelp exchange has been enshrined in Twitter heaven. As one reTweeter says: “This is the Yelp equivalent of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Oh — if you ever have an issue with a bra or our service… please just call us. 

jenette goldstein

Miss Barbara, Miss Julene, and Miss Sabrina in front of our ATLANTA store in Decatur

We are so excited to see every one of you again. All five locations are back open seven days a week and we are hiring, have hired, and are busily training an amazing group of women to meet all of the increased demand!  We’ve made a few small tweaks:

  • Our store hours will now be 10am – 6pm everyday
  • You can now either Book a Fitting and be assured of a spot (there will be increased time slots as we increase our staffing)
  • Or, for the very lucky or very patient — we are talking Walk-Ins as time and space allow. All locations have a comfortable sofa or you can browse the local shops and we will text you.

Keeping the kids safe: Many of our staff are mothers to children under twelve who are unable to be vaccinated at this time, therefore staff will be continuing to mask up and require masks during your fitting.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Illustration: Aaron Noble