Underwire: April 2024 ‘Foolishness’

April is a month filled with Jenette Bras anniversaries! Our fabulous employees are the heart, soul, and funny bone of this company–because bra fitting is a very serious business. Congratulations go out to Miss Jennii, Head of Operations (3 years), Miss Sharon, Bra Fitter (3 years), Miss Sabrina, Bra Fitter (7 years), Miss Sasha, Head of People (9 years), Miss Barbara, Bra Fitter (3 years), and Miss Nicolette, Bra Fitter (2 years).

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, just the fit of your lingerie!

Miss Jennii, 3 years
Miss Sharon, 3 years
Miss Sabrina, 7 years
Miss Sasha, 9 years
Miss Barbara, 3 years
Miss Nicolette, 2 years