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Bra Girl - Jenette Bras

We are
the gals who

Skipped the training bra
and went straight to the Major Leagues.

Have suffered the unwanted attention
of working men since the age of 12.

Have done foolish things,
like hitchhiking and dating musicians,
but have never, ever worn a halter-top.

We have a
knockout rack

and it has to be managed

At Jenette Bras we expertly fit each client from Southern California’s finest selection of D-K bras.

We DON'T charge for fitting,
We DON'T sell bras online, and
We DON'T work on commission.

NO MORE searching through endless racks of flimsy B-cups and C-cups.

NO MORE blank looks from teen shopgirls when you ask for your size.

NO MORE compromising your comfort and your looks.

Stand up straight and rock
that hourglass, honey.

- Jenette Goldstein

Hourglass Underground CASA of Los Angeles Glamour Gowns and Suit Up

Jenette Bras donates all profits from strapless bra sales to support girls in foster care.

Since 2010 Jenette Bras has been dedicated to uplifting girls in Foster Care through our non-profit fundraising arm, Hourglass Underground, and our partnership with CASA and Glamour Gowns/Suit Up. Every year we donate hundreds of bras and provide dozens of volunteers from our clientele to expertly fit these deserving young women, enabling them to feel supported during their Prom and beyond.

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