Underwire: August 2021

This Underwire is late. I am late. I can’t find my phone charger, my keys or even a can opener. This is because I’ve just returned to Los Angeles after an unexpected stay in Atlanta of over a year and half, and now I find myself in a house with five working adults, one shower, one pick-up truck and six cats. We are gingerly staking out our territories – the cats and I – so unpacking my life contained in two suitcases was about all I could manage last week. So this is going to be a short one.

On my way back to LA I made a short stop in Chicago. I was guest at a movie fan convention, broke bread with the future in-laws of my son, made a surprise visit to a colleague’s lingerie boutique, and spent a glorious day tooling down the Chicago river marvelling at the mosaic of modern architecture from my seat on a tour boat. It was my first visit to the city, but as my daughter’s boyfriend will be attending the University of Chicago Law School, it certainly won’t be my last.

Now back to finding that can opener.

Aliens, Titanic, Terminator 2, Near Dark 
(left to right): films in which I expire in various creative ways.
Larissa Olson, owner of Chantilly Lace in Wilmette, Illinois. ‘Sisterhood of the travelling lingerie store owners.’
The Spring-like weather for the last weekend in July, was a gift.
The In-Laws treated me to a smorgasbord of native Chicago cuisine at their home in Mount Prospect – deep dish pizza just out of camera-range, of course!
jenette goldstein

We went a little wild this month with Maison Lejaby! Four new bra series along with the cutest Loungewear pieces called COLOR FLOWER. Featuring a kimono, cami, a PJ set and bloomers, they  match back to all the lingerie collections. To top it off, they have reissued Jenette’s favorite fancy shapewear dress and skirt with built-in underwear.  Below are the Ombrage and Color Flower Kimono. Make sure you check out the La Petite Lejaby which is made with recycled modal – a cotton alternative. Breathable and absorbent, this bra is silky smooth to the touch. It’s almost like wearing yoga pants for your chest.

OMBRAGE in Peacock
30-38 D-G
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