Underwire: December 2020

There’s a meme-y thing going around that says “A mask is not a political statement—it’s an IQ test.” I concur, and I would add that it’s also a moral test. The solipsism it takes to say, in effect, “it’s my right to risk your life” is hard to fathom. The fact that this attitude has been endorsed at the highest levels of government is what my people call a shanda: a shame, a disgrace. A deadly one.

When this winter is done, we will have lost more Americans than we did in all of world War II. A lot of that number will be just because people didn’t wear masks. Please take care of yourselves and your family, thereby taking care of everyone else too, and bear in mind that the burden of deaths will fall more heavily on the poor.

Normally I can live with a divided government. Gridlock in Washington makes for a predictable business climate. But these are not normal times, and one party has proven itself unfit to lead us through this crisis. In order to save American lives I believe we need to give control of the Senate to the Democratic Party so the new administration can move quickly and boldly. My husband and I are contributing and volunteering to get out the vote for the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns in GA. I hope you will consider helping also, if you can.