Underwire: May 2021

Happy May everyone! I’ve been enjoying maskless post-vax hikes & distanced outdoor gatherings in the perfect Georgia spring, and I hope similar blessings have befallen yourselves. You may note, however, that my portrait to the left is still firmly masked.

Jenette Bras remains an indoor experience, so until outdoor public bra fitting becomes a trend or the CDC guidelines change, we will require masks during your appointment regardless of your vaccination status. With patience we’ll get through this transitional time together. Just imagine you’re on an airplane flying to Hawaii…but in your underwear.

When we opened Jenette Bras twelve years ago, my kids were 19, 12, and 10 – old enough that I could turn some of my attention outward to building the business. Most of the women who came to work for us in those years, right up to COVID, were young, unmarried, no kids. The first Jenette Bras baby was my Eastside manager Sarah’s girl, Luna, in 2015 (and the second has just arrived by way of Miss Michelle at Pasadena!), but that was very much an exception to the trend of younger women in the beginning stages of their lives and career paths. I try to steer clear of projecting Mom energy toward the staff–nobody needs that!–but it’s not without a touch of pride that I’ve watched their ingenuity, compassion, and constant growth. We couldn’t have survived this past year, much less the past twelve years, without them–but you all know that.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I note with fascination an unplanned sea-change in our staffing. The COVID year has really shaken things up. Several young gals who got us through the worst of the pandemic have opted for a career change now that things are opening up, and many of our new applicants are accomplished mid-life women, and yes, mothers! It started quietly, with Miss Michelle’s pregnancy and the arrival of Miss Barbara when we re-opened Atlanta. Now, following our recent hiring spree across all stores, we suddenly have a total of seven mothers working at Jenette Bras (possible 8th on deck), with children ranging from 3 months to 31 years. I look forward to seeing how the tone of our service evolves with all this nurturing mojo onboard. I’ve always loved the fact that our clients reflect every stage in a woman’s life, from 12-92 years old, and now our staff is covering more of that range as well. Happy Mother’s Day!

jenette goldstein
My brood, current ages: 22, 31 and 24 years.

Company News:

One of the advantages of having long-standing relationships with our lingerie manufacturers, is that during this past year’s crisis we were able to work closely with them and with great flexibility when needed. Many are family-owned companies as we are and the mutual trust built over the past 12 years has been invaluable. We were able to hold off on deliveries during the shutdowns and then turn the spigot on when ready – and boy are we ready! We are delighted to say our drawers are full and our racks are heaving with bras, underwear, swimwear and lingerie. 

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