We once heard a description of a bra shop on the Lower East Side. There was a front desk area, no bigger than a dry cleaners, with a little old man standing at it. He would glance professionally at your chest, turn, and call into the stockroom, "Frieda! 34C! FRIEDA!" And a voice would call back, "ALRIGHT, already!" And Frieda would emerge with your bra. Done! We’re not as brisk as that, but we’re not a shop for browsing, either.

Why should you waste your time going through racks of random stuff that doesn't fit?
Jenette bras interior

Our front room is designed to be the nerve center for the shop and an airy buffer zone to keep the great uncomprehending world at bay (and provide a little quality reading material for the gentlemen). If it's your first time at the store, please do stride purposefully up to the desk and request a fitting. We will enter you into our state-of-the-art PAP (that's "paper and pencil") system and usher you into bra heaven.

Jenette bras fitting rooms

Our atellier-style fit salon is the heart and soul of the shop, designed with affection for an age of expert service and quality craftsmanship. This is where we keep the bra cabinets that hold the essential bras we sell all day long: the gorgeous- yet-functional pieces that you need to have in your closet. Our private fit booths open onto a unique feminine social space: pretty, uncluttered, with a sufficiency of mirrors.

Jentte bras stockroom

We have a stockroom too. It's jammed with inventory. Athletic, nursing, swim, shapewear, and bridal. We did it in cool green and grey tones, to help the fitters remain calm as they search for that one special piece.

We think Frieda would have approved.