What’s a ‘Molded’ Bra?

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The term ‘molded’ actually refers to the technology that is used to make the cups. In the molding process, a pliable material is given a specific shape by forcing it into a mold and holding it within a rigid cavity at high temperature.
All knit fabrics made from synthetic fibers, such as poly-satin are suitable for molding, including non-woven and Spacer fabrics, as well as polyurethane foam sheets from which the stiffer ‘contour’ bra is made.

What’s ‘Spacer Fabric?’

Unlike regular, 2D fabrics, Spacer uses two separate fabrics, joined by microfilament yarn, to create a breathable, 3D “microclimate” between layers.
Heat and vapor leave the body, moving to this highly permeable layer. Then, the cool air provided by this naturally ventilating pushes out the heat and vapor, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation.

A few examples:

30-34 DD-H,
36-38 DD-G, 40 DD-F
AUBREE SPACER in Beige $89
30-34 DD-H,
36-38 DD-G,
40 DD-F
EVERY WOMAN poly-satin in EBONY $132
30 E-G, 32-40 D-H, 42-44 D-F
EAST END Contour in Powder Rose $139
30 F-G, 32-36 F-H

Each one of our locations carry a varied and changing selection of molded styles such as these, as well as other seamless styles.
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