Gia Genevieve fitting at Jenette Bras photo: Boudoir Rouge Photography; model: Gia Genevieve

Let’s get the facts straight

The band size, the measurement tight around your rib cage just under your breasts, is written as a number. The cup size represents the volume of your generous bosom. This is written as a letter. Cup size is relative to band size (see photo 2)

Bra labels Don’t try this at home.

The problem is that there is no global standard among bra manufacturers. You may wear a 34D in one brand and a 32FF in another. Different countries use different sizing systems. And even styles from the same lines are cut differently, giving a different fit for each individual bra. Not to mention that each one of us is shaped differently --and at different times in our lives.

Bra cups Both of these bras are D-cups.
Top is a 30D, bottom is 36D.

So, again, being properly fitted is the key to wearing the perfect bra that will make you look and feel gorgeous. Choosing the right bra size and style for you can totally transform your figure. It can put curves back in all the right places, while giving you more comfort and confidence than ever.


The band is too big if
The damn thing rides up in the back (the band should sit level at the front & back, just below your shoulder blades).

You look a little saggy, so you’ve tightened the straps and now have deep red marks in your shoulders. Those sweet little straps should only hold 20% of the weight. In a properly engineered bra, the band does the heavy lifting.

The cup is too small if
Your cups runneth over, perhaps creating the charming ‘double boob’ effect.  The fabric should lay flat over the top of your breast, achieving a smooth transition under the thinnest of T-shirts.

You curse your underwire for digging into your boobs, usually at the side near your underarm (the underwire should fully encase all of your breast tissue - yes, all of it!)

Your bra stands away at the front of your body, allowing your boob to make a run for the basement. This is horrifying, frankly. With a well-made bra that fits, the center ‘gore’ will, in most cases, tack to your breastbone.

It’s just plain uncomfortable. You should feel comfortable all day long (or nearly all day, to be honest), so if you suffer from a combination of problems listed above or if your bra just looks and feels wrong, it’s clear that you are wearing the wrong size and style for your body. Simple as that.