Underwire: June 2024 ‘Throw the Ball!’

Something’s been bothering me.  I feel like a poor figurehead for my brand. I’m supposed to be a tough, sassy, straight-talking action figure of a bra lady, right? Chewing up challenges! Obliterating obstacles! Making snap decisions like a quarterback about to be crushed under a 300 pound linebacker!  The only thing I fear is STANDING STILL–that’s always been me. Well, as I mentioned last month, I’ve hit some kind of old lady wall and I’m taking a three-month break to travel and cogitate.

During my sabbatical, I’ll be turning this space over to my three trusted lieutenants: my Heads of Operations, People, and Buying. They are young and vital, G-d bless them, and will not be fretting about mortality while they’re meant to be slangin’ bras. I hope you enjoy the change of pace–I know I will!

jenette goldstein