Underwire: July ’22 ‘Wild Beauty Under Discipline’

Well, the Covid finally caught us. After more than two years of masking up and laying low in sleepy South West Atlanta, and literally two days after (barely) launching Jenette Bras Buckhead, we got cocky and attended a Tiki party. I guess I don’t have to draw you any more of a picture than that.

I suspect the virus found us easy pickings. The last weeks of opening a new store are invariably draining, both emotionally and physically. But it also comes with a deep sense of accomplishment.

Each Jenette Bras store is purpose-built for just one thing: staging the intimate feminist theater which constitutes our business model. We find unique vintage spaces and remodel them top to bottom. Every detail is considered and designed by my partner, Mr. Aaron Noble, based on his “mullet” theory of store layout: business in the front, party in the back. Unlike any of our competitors, when you walk into a Jenette Bras you do not find yourself in a showroom filled with racks of merchandise to browse through. Instead, you find yourself in the reception area of a highly professional consultancy, with a desk, a couch, and a clock (because we respect your time). The color scheme is sober and calming. It’s a moment to breath before we transition you into the under(wear) world.

Top: Aaron’s original concept sketch Bottom: Finished reception desk, built by Hancock Fine Furniture in Atlanta

Moving into the fit salon, the colors and textures become richer and more sensuous. We are seducing you a little (did you notice?).

Our enormous bra cabinet (nicknamed “Moby Tits”) was built in Los Angeles and shipped here to Atlanta in three pieces. The frosted glass window in each drawer reveals a hint of the glories within.

Much effort goes into the creation of maximum storage for our large inventory, without a sense of crowding or chaos. Wild beauty under discipline, that’s our credo.

This rack could only fit in this space. Designed by Aaron, fabricated by Sprag Werks in Los Angeles.

Looking forward to serving you, Buckhead!