Georgia on My Mind

I began writing this the day before the election, assuming I would need to revise and then possibly revise again. Now, as I write, it’s two days after the election. Vote counting continues in several states, including Georgia. The tally appears to be running against the incumbent, who, as promised, will not accept the results. Instead he is spreading conspiracy theories, filing frivolous legal challenges, dividing the nation, and doubling down on his deployment of schoolboy ...continued

The Clothes Make the Woman

I assume many of you know that this CEO did not go to Business School, but instead went to Drama School. Two years at Circle in the Square in New York, then another year at Webber Douglas Academy in London, where little or no time was spent on analyzing Profit and Loss Statements, distinguishing between gross profit margin and operating profit margin or assessing market penetration. Instead my days and nights were filled with analysis of Shakespeare’s meter, voice and dialect ...continued

Let’s Gather Round the TV

Events Videos

Remember when we used to have in-store events? Gosh that was fun! SUNDAY SEX TALKS at JB Burbank, 10 YR BASH at the Ukrainian Culture Hall, STRAPPING LASSES at JB Eastside or were you at FASHIONABLY FILTHY where we previewed our Bordelle launch in October 2019?

But looking on the bright side, now we have the opportunity to watch all the TV. Poking around in the nether regions of Hulu the other night I found a little indie called Support the Girls, which surprisingly was not about us. ...continued

Mama’s Always on Stage

Knowledge Product

This month we’ve been getting phone calls from LOTS of pregnant women! Hmmm… wonder what they’ve been up to during quarantine? Anyways…the pressing question is WHEN should get they fitted for their NURSING Bras? ⠀

Some books tell you two weeks before delivery, others say afterwards when your milk comes in, but what do you do NOW when you’re 16 weeks and feeling more and more uncomfortable in your current bra? ⠀

Over the years we’ve developed a couple of practical solutions ...continued

From the Desk of Jenette

A little over a year ago I got an email from one of the rash of online-bra startups. They were in Los Angeles to do a pop-up at a women’s expo, and were looking to borrow a couple of bra-fitters. They had one fitter in-house, they said, and added, in the excitable way of these companies, “we call her our Fit Therapist™ because she makes the experience so special!” In an appended paragraph about the company she informed me (me!) that, thanks to their nascent on-line ...continued

All Stores are Open!



ALL STORES OPEN by Appointment & Walk-ins taken as space and safety allow

All CDC protocols maintained

Do you prefer to shop online? Simply select REMOTE FITTING in the appointment scheduler to shop from home while being guided by an expert fitter in the actual fitting room.

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Support through social distance

It’s weird to think that just a month ago, Sasha and I were slinging sports bras with Anita at the LA Marathon Expo downtown. Life at that point was pretty normal. Sure, we had taken up singing “Good as Hell” while dutifully washing our hands throughout the day, but we also rode the Metro from East Hollywood to the convention center, did dozens of fittings in a pop-up dressing room, and even stopped to split a bottle of wine at the local haunt on our way home. Early March feels like ages ...continued

Fashionably Filthy – October 12th – doors open at 7pm – don’t be late!


Bordelle is a niche and unique concept in womens’ lingerie and bodywear that combines true craftsmanship with groundbreaking designs, toying with themes of seduction and domination.

A cult-brand hand-made by artisans in London and Europe, this is the first time Bordelle will carried by a Los Angeles boutique.

To celebrate the launch, Bordelle X Jenette Bras are creating an evening of curated kink with performers, music, and spectacle.