Underwire Dec ’22: The Female Gaze

The representation of the feminine is, of course, an evergreen topic around these parts. When we began—seems like yesterday—in 2009, we were the first bra store in the US to focus on the full cup sector. The notion of using diverse body types in fashion modeling was barely beginning to percolate in the industry, and all the editorial images we got from our vendors featured the same standard model body, plus one full-cup model who was ever-so-slightly bigger. We could scarcely ...continued

Underwire: Nov ’22 ‘Jenette Bras Pin-Up Planner’

I think I’ve mentioned before the idea that Jenette Bras is a hybrid of business and art project. The pressures of pandemics and economic downturns may at times—for years!— force us toward the bottom line side of the equation, but through it all, we’ve always kept at least half an eye on the aesthetic vision. Each new buildout has been a study in shaping idiosyncratic old storefronts into arenas for the social theater of bra fitting, always at a cost that most retailers ...continued

Get in the Swim!


Absolute best-seller year after year, ‘The Essential’ or ‘The Lenny’ as we call this suit from Brazilian designer Lenny Niemeyer – the original Girl from Ipanema–never disappoints. With its 360 degree ruching encircling your torso and a two options tie for coverage,  you will be held and lifted and feel young and lovely. 

Wear as a daring, but confidently supported
Plunge Style

Or the more modest
Keyhole Style

Sized Small–XL, the Essential ...continued

Q&A with Jenette: Sports Bras

Knowledge Product
Jenette in sports bra

1. Why should someone wear a sports bra when engaging in physical activity?

That’s actually a great question, even though my bosomy sisters may wonder why it has to be asked! First of all, in case you’re not clear: there’s no muscle in the breast (though it sits on top of the pectorals). Breasts are composed of sensitive glandular tissue, fatty tissue, and some thin connective tissues known as Cooper’s ligaments, and all held together by skin. That’s ...continued

What Lies Beneath


Bordelle this season dives deep into the subconscious, drawing inspiration from the glowing creatures of the sea with its AUREA collection in deep Eden green flecked with purple tendrils.

24K gold plated hardware, customized satin elastic bands, and a bespoke design of embroidery on soft tulle evoke the multi-colored bioluminescence of deep sea creatures. Handmade in the UK.

Hold your breath.

Lace Soft Bra
Lace ...continued

What’s a ‘Molded’ Bra?

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bra cup grading diagram

The term ‘molded’ actually refers to the technology that is used to make the cups. In the molding process, a pliable material is given a specific shape by forcing it into a mold and holding it within a rigid cavity at high temperature.
All knit fabrics made from synthetic fibers, such as poly-satin are suitable for molding, including non-woven and Spacer fabrics, as well as polyurethane foam sheets from which the stiffer ‘contour’ bra is made.

What’s ‘Spacer Fabric?’

Unlike regular, 2D fabrics, Spacer uses ...continued

Mama’s Always on Stage

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This month we’ve been getting phone calls from LOTS of pregnant women! Hmmm… wonder what they’ve been up to during quarantine? Anyways…the pressing question is WHEN should get they fitted for their NURSING Bras? ⠀

Some books tell you two weeks before delivery, others say afterwards when your milk comes in, but what do you do NOW when you’re 16 weeks and feeling more and more uncomfortable in your current bra? ⠀

Over the years we’ve developed a couple of practical solutions ...continued